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This website is the online presentation of a photography portfolio. The pictures illustrate a commercial body of work, primarily fashion and beauty photography. The photographer, Art Stump, is based in South Bend, Indiana (USA).

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LATEST BOOK    AREA 6:  A Photographic Expedition

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Art Stump PhotoMr. Stump began his affair with photography while attending Indiana University, where he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees — BA in Psychology, MBA in Marketing & Finance. Art moved to Chicago to become a commercial banker and three years later took up freelance photography. He's been shooting ever since.

Art has shot commercially for over thirty years, specializing in fashion and beauty assignments. He has worked with publishers, ad agencies, and major fashion retailers. His work has been widely published, appearing in Vogue, Bazaar, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Seventeen, and similar national fashion magazines. In addition to his print media work, Art has also been heavily involved in TV commercial and film production for some of his leading fashion retailing accounts.

Mr. Stump’s passion for photography is matched by his passion for writing. In 2003 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the encounter so impacted his outlook on life that he had to write a book about it. In that incisive book,
My Angels Are Come , Mr. Stump declares up front, ”This is me on paper,” and then proceeds to deliver to his readers a remarkably frank and open account of his cancer treatment experience, a highly aggressive mixed-therapy regimen that concluded successfully in 2006.

In Mr. Stump’s newest book, AREA 6: A PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPEDITION , he freely explores light as it shapes and celebrates the remnants of the historic Kingsbury Ordnance Plant. This is a photographer's book for photographers, but it is not a technical how-to book. The clear focus of AREA 6 is on learning to see the wonders of light, quite possibly the most critical of photographic skills.


          Art Stump Photo

" You don't make a photograph just with a camera.
   You bring to the act of photography
   all the pictures you have seen,
   the books you have read,
   the music you have heard,
   the people you have loved. "



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Mr. Stump is available for lecture engagements by special arrangement. He has spoken before large convention groups as well as smaller associations, such as photography clubs and school groups.


 COMING UP  announcements.


Education is the kindling of a flame,
 not the filling of a vessel.


Topics, travel arrangements, and fees are decided mutually prior to scheduling.

Mr. Stump, please contact us about a speaking engagement.




Seminar programs allow closer, more intimate settings for teacher and student. They are more like work than entertainment and are well suited for the exchange of ideas. As seminar presentations are often dynamic, the subject matter covered is more flexible and more easily tailored to the group’s interests.

"To me, the mark of a good seminar," says Mr. Stump, " is that my students learn something and I learn something too."


 COMING UP  announcements.



Demonstrations are often part of seminar programs, but not necessarily.

Some settings, groups, and/or facilities are just too small for genuine demonstrations to be practical. Forcing a demonstration in such cases for the sake of having a demonstration is sometimes self-defeating and worse than nothing at all.

On the other hand, as facilities permit, real-life demonstrations can offer powerful insights into a photographer’s techniques and dynamic interactions with the model, subjects not easily covered in narrative explanations. By the same token, facilities with even the most basic chalkboard capabilities can be invaluable, as they allow illustrative explanations using on-the-fly diagrams.

Every setting has strengths and weakness.



Seminars have high potential for learning. They deserve the level of preplanning and attention to detail necessary to bring them to life. Program goals, size and makeup of group, location, subject matter, time allotment, and available facilities all need to be considered when arranging a successful seminar program.

Mr. Stump, please contact us about a seminar program.




Art Stump conducts periodic in-depth photography workshops, both solo and in concert with his friend and colleague, Edda Taylor. Art’s solo workshops generally focus on the demands of fashion photography, with exercises and assignments reflective of the real world business of fashion shooting.

Workshops are most often multi-day affairs that are designed for working professional photographers, those who specialize in non-fashion clientele and would like to explore the very different world of fashion photography.


 COMING UP  announcements.



When Art teams with Edda Taylor, they target primarily PPA studio owners.  These are professional photographers whose businesses are largely portrait and wedding photography, and who would like to add a further dimension to their repertoire.

Edda is herself a successful and renowned portrait shooter, highly regarded in the PPA community.  She brings a solid understanding of the portrait studio side of the equation.  The following is a press release for one of their uniquely collaborative workshops called "Body & Soul Photography."


Body & Soul Photography

They’re back again! Art Stump and Edda Taylor have teamed up again to bring you another winning program on contemporary portraiture, an intimate and personal approach. Program participants will explore a variety of techniques in lighting, styling, and posing, many of which are used in commercial fashion and beauty photography, but which lend themselves directly to portraiture.

Edda and Art vigorously advocate "essential portraiture", a highly personal and intimate approach to photography where both photographer and subject are active participants in the making of the picture. Years ago they coined the phrase "Body and Soul Photography" to describe their programs, since their focus is to portray that which the film can grasp – the body – in order to capture an essence or quality unique to the subject – the soul.

Edda’s background is in portraiture, while Art’s is in commercial fashion and beauty photography. Together, their program goal is to identify and set aside as much cliché and gimmickry as possible in order to explore new ways of seeing the portrait photograph.

While attention throughout is given to lighting and directing the subject, the primary thrust of the program is to explore the artistic creativity and sensitivity hidden within the artist-photographer. Those qualities are often the first casualties of the day-to-day demands of a photographic studio business.

Edda and Art have long excelled in teaching photography to others. Together they have taught many highly successful courses at the Winona International School of Professional Photography among others. More importantly, they have conducted numerous independent lecture and instructional programs in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Their programs In Concert are acclaimed for challenging participants to question and expand their own creative boundaries.





The scope of any given workshop, travel arrangements, and fees are decided mutually prior to scheduling.

Mr. Stump, please contact us about a photography workshop.




The coursework for school programs and workshop programs is often interchangeable, but there can be some very real differences. School curricula generally reflect the host school’s underlying philosophies and purposes: that is, the school’s basic understanding of how photography works both as a business and as an art form. This is not usually a problem, but it may result in constraints on both content and method of presentation.

Workshops, on the other hand, are more often than not independently organized. They may still reflect the biases and agendas of the individuals or groups organizing them, but chances are they will have a strongly independent flavor about them.

Workshops are more likely to have the freedom to focus exclusively on those aspects of the craft, which the instructors feel are important. In many cases it was that desire for institutional independence that gave rise to workshops in the first place.

For an example of typical school or workshop course content, please have a look at the sample press release included in the section above titled WORKSHOPS.



Art Stump has taught photography courses over many years in a number of professional photography schools, including the oldest of its kind in America, the Winona International School of Professional Photography. His courses typically focus on the more unique aspects of fashion and beauty photography.

His abiding emphasis is in teaching his students to see the light… literally. "More than anything," he says, "we try to get our students to see with their own eyes. Once they learn to see, the rest will follow."

As a closing charge to his class of students at the Mount Carroll Center for Applied Photographic Arts, Mr. Stump authored a booklet titled  After Images  ( PDF 249K ), an after-action white paper written for his students in which he recaps some of his views about the business of teaching photography. While primarily a philosophical statement about teaching photography, After Images** is also a timely insight for those who would aspire to learn the art of photography.


**  You'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed. Link to get Acrobat Reader.
Note: photos in  After Images  are lo-res to minimize download time.





Fragrance Ad Art Stump Photography is a commercial photography studio. Its niche market for the most part is fashion/beauty and related work. Over the years Mr. Stump has shot for some of the smallest and some of the largest advertising agencies, mostly Chicago based.

He has also taken on extended projects with national fashion retailing merchandisers, working directly with their own marketing/advertising departments. He’s had extensive experience shooting catalog, media, P.O.S. and ad campaigns.

Although Mr. Stump’s photography work has focused primarily on print (still image) production, an important part of his broad experience with fashion retailing has been several years of shooting and producing television ad campaigns, both regional and national, for his larger retail accounts.

  • Fragrance campaign:
  • Marilyn Miglin Cosmetics



Sample Pic
  • 2220 S. Main St.
  • South Bend, IN 46613

If eyes were made for seeing, then beauty
 is its own excuse for being.




Book Mark My Angels Are Come   is a penetrating insight into every aspect of the author's life-changing encounter with prostate cancer. Its narrative is frank, bold, and information rich, offering a generous behind-the-scenes look at both the nature of the disease and the complex character of the caregivers who made coping with the disease possible.

The author, Art Stump, tells of his own highly personal struggle with prostate cancer -- from its frightening detection and diagnosis, through the protracted regimen of hormonal and radiation therapies that was his treatment from 2003 to 2006. His storyline examines in detail both the disease and its treatment, but delves just as deeply into the patient-caregiver-hospital triad that was the basis for that treatment. Mark

From Publisher's Press Release


I couldn’t put the book down  – read it all the way through. It was just amazing. You could actually see the people. It was just so personal. It is really, really a very good book. Very VERY well written, and holds your interest… you just want to keep seeing what’s going on… a super job.

  • Barb Kracher, Cover Shots Modeling Agency
  • From publisher's Reader Feedback

I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you  for your book, it’s awesome. I… did not finish it yet. I’m reading it slowly. Makes you cry, makes you laugh. It’s just fabulous.

  • Edda Taylor, Edda Taylor Photographie
  • From publisher's Reader Feedback



September 23, 2012

Mr. Stump will be one of the featured presenters along with Edda Taylor, Sandra Mendez, David Gremp, and Brian Matsumoto, a Canon specialist. The program will be held at the Indiana Bureau of Tourism Auditorium in Chesterton, Indiana.

Mr. Stump's presentation wil be "A backstage look at Fashion Lighting Magic."


Saturday & Sunday
August 27-28, 2011

Mr. Stump was one of the featured presenters along with Edda Taylor, Sandra Mendez, and Marc Hauser. This second program in a series was held at the Indiana Bureau of Tourism Auditorium in Chesterton, Indiana.

Audience feedback response was overwhelmingly positive, making the program another outstanding success. Check the LIGHT IN THE MIND website link for future events.

September 26, 2010

Mr. Stump was one of the featured presenters at the highly creative LIGHT IN THE MIND photography seminar. This outstanding program, the first in a series, was held at the Indiana Bureau of Tourism Auditorium in Chesterton, Indiana.

Audience response and feedback acclaimed the program an outstanding success. Be sure to check the LIGHT IN THE MIND website link for upcoming events. For further details about the September program please see program schedule.



May 22, 2010

Art Stump was one of the featured presenters at the 3H Camera Club annual photo fest, held on the Purdue University campus at Calumet, Indiana.

The 3H Camera Club was established in 1935 and is one of the premier photo clubs in the midwest. This year the group is celebrating its 75th year of promoting photography.

“I salute you all. Splendid program. Thank you!

Art Stump

Art Exhibit

InFocus 2010

A full day of workshops
for photographers at all levels.



9:00 am to 4:00 pm
The Calumet Conference Center
Purdue University Calumet
2300 173rd Street
Hammond, Indiana 46324



There is nothing ugly; I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may, - light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful.

John Constable